virtual training experience with the feeling of in-person coaching.

We’ve brought our professional training programs and courses online to make it easier for you to make yourself a priority. 80+ videos to choose from, and more to come!

  • General Fitness & Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • results-driven Exercises & Workouts
  • Meditation
  • Injury Prevention & Recovery
  • Boxing Fundamentals
  • Tai Chi & Movement


Boxing Flavored Fitness & Health Videos

Introduction to Cupping

Dynamic Warmup

Boxing Training

Tai chi Movement

Our Community

Twenty-five years in the making, the Boxing Loft collaborates with a community of fitness, sports and natural health experts. Drawing inspiration from boxing, high-performance coaches, martial arts, and healers to bring to you what we call ‘Boxing Flavored Fitness & Health.’ A ‘new’ way of coaching – virtually.

It’s like having your coach in the palm of your hand so you can train wherever you are.


Emile Awe Reed

Recognized for whipping people into shape and amplify athletes' speed, explosiveness, and power.

Coaching is my joy. The idea of giving back, helping others, accomplishing their goals, and reaching heights they never even thought possible fulfills me.

Paul Lara

A no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. Simple. Straight-forward. No Pretense. 

I trained traditionally in Japan and China, under respected Masters in Tai Chi, Meditation, Reiki, and QiGong.

Jesse Lown

I've been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for over 20 years and specializing in neurological sequelae through mind and movement-based strategies for thirteen years.
Official 20th generation Taiji lineage holder and educator. I run a private clinical practice, applying principles of holistic living and natural medicine for simple and complex health issues.

Subscription Packages

$1 For Seven Days

The 7-Day Trial gives you access to Warm-Up & Cooldown, Corrective Exercises, HIIT Conditioning for Health, Boxing Workouts, and Meditation.
It's an opportunity to see if this platform would serve you well.

General Membership+

Train on your own as many times a week as you like. 24/7 key card access (Simcoe only). The videos provide general fitness and conditioning exercises and boxing workouts, introducing you to the fundamentals with plenty of guidance and support.

General Fitness & Conditioning

Breaks down a variety exercises and workouts you can do wherever you are with guidance and support--and we mean, you're walked through each exercise/workout with a focus on form and safety.

The Ultimate Body Transformation Plan

A failproof lifestyle change. Nutrition must be a priority to meet your fitness goals and see physical gains successfully. All you have to do is decide to commit, follow the program then watch your transformation occur.

Meditation/Tai Chi

Tried and true fundamentals that date back thousands of years yet still offer a profound sense of well-being in our modern world.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

A complete physical training system should include anatomy, physiology, health, preventative medicine, and injury recovery studies. Health, resilience, and longevity are products of this. These courses will round off any physical training program and help empower your sovereignty of health.