Boxing Workouts

Offence Trunk Rotations Double Arm Punch-Outs & Footwork Strength Training (burnouts) Jabs With Movement (progression into shadowboxing) Lateral Movements Wall Punching Moving Behind The Jab Bag Work Burnouts On Heavy Bag Defense Slips & Stepoffs With The Bag   Ducks With Bamboo Stick  Hand Eye Coordination Punching Hand Eye Coordination Juggling   Conditioning Medicine Ball Boxing Conditioning Medicine Ball Situp & Throw, and Seated Oblique Throw Footwork With Cones   Advance Footwork - Lateral…

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Functional Training Workouts

Calisthenics Functional Training Hand Release Push Up Guided & Progression Into Standing Squat Body Weight Rows Superman & Lower Extremity Raise Fitness/Resistance Functional Training Function Training Single Arm Dumbell Resistance Band Chest Functional Training Pull Over & Resistance Band Seated Row Functional Training Y Squat & Resistance Band Y Squat Functional Training Dumbbell Resistance Band Deadlift

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