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About Course

Welcome to Coaching On-Demand! We’re excited to bring to you our boxing-flavored fitness & health programs, workouts, exercises, and courses.  Commit to your journey. It’ll pay huge dividends.

This platform’s for you if:

  1. You like to train independently and have guidance along the way;
  2. You prefer to train smart by learning the proper technique;
  3. You’re all about taking care of your whole health so you can live a better quality of life.
  4. Being healthy is a priority.

Enjoy your exploring!

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Course Content

Warm-Up & Cooldown
Warm-Up & Cooldown (Dynamic warm-up I and II, Techie series - TBL the robot/facedown Y raise/shoulder dislocation, TYW, and Ls, posture series)

  • TBL Dynamic Warm Up 1
  • TBL Dynamic Warmup 2
  • TBL TheRobot
  • TBL FaceDownYRaise
  • TBL ShoulderDislocations
  • TBL TYWLsSeries
  • TBL PostureSeries

Breath Work Part I (Breathing basics)
Breath Work Part I (Breathing basics)

Heart Rate

Corrective Exercises I

Corrective Exercise II
Corrective Exercise II (TBL reverse fly into a fly, TBL psoas plank, TBL shoulder mobility, TBL rotator cuff pendulum, TBL thread the needle)

HIIT Conditioning for Health
HIIT Conditioning for Health (Calisthenics conditioning, TBL conditioning quickie, TBL medicine ball boxing conditioning)

Boxing Workouts

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