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TBL General Membership (3-Month Subscription)

by Emile Awe Reed
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What I will learn?

  • General membership+ is for in-person training but can be done at another facility or in the comfort of your home if you have the equipment. (24/7 fob access at our Simcoe, ON location).
  • Meditation/Tai Chi and Injury Prevention & Recovery exercises and courses complement your workouts.

Course Curriculum

Warm-up & Cool-down
Warm-up & Cool-down (Dynamic warm-up I and II, Techie series - TBL the robot/facedown Y raise/shoulder dislocation, TYW, and Ls, posture series)

  • Dynamic Warm-up 1
  • Dynamic Warm-up 2
  • The Robot
  • Face Down Y Raise
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • TYWL’s Series
  • Posture Series

Boxing Drills
Fundamental drills to both condition as well as establish good boxing fundamentals.

Boxing Workout Intro

Boxing Workout 1

Boxing Workout 2

Boxing Workout 3

Corrective Exercises 1

Corrective Exercises 2

HIIT Conditioning for Health
HIIT Conditioning for Health (Calisthenics conditioning, TBL conditioning quickie, TBL medicine ball boxing conditioning)

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