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Are you constantly stopping yourself from new diet & fitness habits? This program will open your eyes to valuable nutrition and workout tips and guide you to a healthier, stronger you.

Nutrition must be a priority to meet your fitness goals and see physical gains successfully. It’s much easier to modify the food you consume than burn many calories daily.

With the twelve-week Ultimate Body Transformation, you’ll receive a nutrition guide (that allows you to eat foods that are pleasurable to you), a free consultation to take you through it, and twenty-four 30-40 minute workouts that’ll boost your energy, increase your stamina, and help you focus on your short-term, personal fitness goals.

The Ultimate Body Transformation prepares your body for the next steps. All you have to do is decide to commit, follow the program and watch your body transform.

Training Program:

  • Nutrition Guide.
  • Twenty-four sessions, focusing on conditioning for health and functional strength training.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins (optional) for the 12-week cycle.
  • Three-month workout journal.
  • 24/6 support; guaranteed response within 23 hours with any questions you have over the 12 weeks.


The way you talk to yourself helps determine your approach to a healthier lifestyle and will drive the experience you’ll have.

Be kind. You’re in charge of your thoughts. Try shifting to a place of power. It’ll make you feel more confident, so you choose positive vocabulary like, “I will, I can, I should.

Let go of the past and discouragement. If you don’t, the negative self-talk will get louder! There’s no shame in  “check-ups from the neck up” if you require some outside support.


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Course Content

TBL Three-Month Journal

  • TBL Three-Month Journal Time Table

Beginner (New to Exercise, or Returning to Exercise After a Long Hiatus)

Beginner (Warm-Up & Cooldown)

Beginner (Corrective Exercises I)

Beginner (Corrective Exercises II)

Beginner (Lower Back Relief)

Beginner (Balance and Stability)

Beginner (Hand Release Push up)

Beginner (Progression to Pull up)

Beginner (Guided Y Squat W/ Progressions)

Beginner (Superman’s Progression to Lower Extremity Raise)

Beginner (Functional training)


Intermediate (Warm-Up & Cooldown)

Intermediate (Corrective Exercises I )

Intermediate (Corrective Exercises II)

Intermediate (Lower Back Relief)

Intermediate (Balance and Stability)

Intermediate (Hand-Release Push-Ups)

Intermediate (Progression Into Pull-Ups)

Intermediate (Squat Variations)

Intermediate (Superman’s Progression to Lower Extremity Raise)

Intermediate (Functional training)

Intermediate (HIIT & Conditioning For Health)

Intermediate – Footwork (Stability Footwork)

Intermediate (Core Intentions)

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