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by Emile Awe Reed

What I will learn?

  • Congratulations! Big ups to you for making your health a priority. You're on your way to living your best self.
  • The struggle is over!
  • With the Ultimate Body Transformation, you'll receive twelve weeks of nutritional guidance "that allows you to eat foods that are pleasurable to you," bi-weekly check-ins (optional), and twenty-four 30-40 minute workouts that'll skyrocket your energy and move the needle on your strength and balance & stability.
  • Meditation/Tai Chi exercises and the Injury Prevention & Recovery courses complement your program.

Course Curriculum

Three-Month Journal

  • Three-Month Journal Time Table

Beginner : Warm-Up & Cool-down

Beginner : Corrective Exercises I

Beginner : Corrective Exercises II

Beginner : Lower Back Relief

Beginner : Balance and Stability

Beginner : Hand Release Push-up

Beginner : Progression into Pull-up

Beginner : Guided Y Squat w/ Progressions

Beginner : Superman’s Progression to Lower Extremity Raise

Beginner : Functional Training

Intermediate : Warm-Up & Cool-down

Intermediate : Corrective Exercises I

Intermediate : Corrective Exercises II

Intermediate : Lower Back Relief

Intermediate : Balance and Stability

Intermediate : Hand-Release Push-Ups

Intermediate : Progression Into Pull-Ups

Intermediate : Squat Variations

Intermediate : Superman’s Progression to Lower Extremity Raise

Intermediate : Functional training

Intermediate : HIIT & Conditioning For Health

Footwork : Stability Footwork

Intermediate : Core Intentions

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