From the Groun Up
A how-to guide to explosive speed & Power

Greetings coaches,

Are you ready to help your athletes unleash their full potential in a safe and effective way? I understand that you’re looking for ways to develop your athletes’ speed, power, and reaction time while minimizing the risk of injuries. That’s why I’m excited to introduce my comprehensive plan of action that can help you achieve those goals.

My eBook provides step-by-step guidance on improving explosiveness (reaction time) and power, starting from the ground up. Whether you’re coaching amateurs or professionals, the training methods can be applied to any sport or athlete. The science and teachings are simplified, making it easy to understand the process without any prior experience in coaching or elite athleticism.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to work on developing your athletes’ speed and explosiveness, and how to generate power while minimizing the risk of sport-specific injuries. And as a bonus, a complementary course is on the way, which will enable you to become a certified explosive dynamic movement specialist.

Kindly provide your contact information below, and we will notify you as soon as the course is available. The objective here is to guide your athletes toward reaching their full potential in a safe and effective manner. Together, we’ll elevate your coaching and athletes’ performance.

Best regards,

Coach Emile Reed